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ParaPatrol uses the following equipment during investigations:

  1. Canon Powershot A75 Digital Camera; 3.2 mp.
  2. Canon Powershot A570IS; 7.1 mp.
  3.  Olympus E410 Digital Camera; 10 mp.
  4.  Polaroid One 600 Camera.
  5.  Olympus Superzoom 3000 35 mm camera.
  6.  Polaroid Time Zero One Step Camera.
  7.  Bushnell Night Vision Monocular.
  8.  Sony HDD DCR-SR42 Handycam with external IR light.
  9.  Sony ICD-P520 Digital Voice Recorder.
  10.  Olympus Digital Voice Recorder WS-110.
  11.  Olympus Digital Voice recorder VN-4100
  12.  RCA Portable Recorder and Cassette Player.
  13.  Radio Shack Unidirectional Dynamic Microphone.
  14.  RCA External Microphone for Portable  Recorder and Cassette Player.
  15.  2 - Enzone Electromagnetic Field Detector.
  16. Ghost EMF Meter
  17. TriField Meter with audible alarm
  18. Gauss Meter 
  19.  Radio Shack Mini Amplifier/Speaker.
  20.  Extech Mini IR Thermometer.
  21.  Phillips Noise Cancelling Headphones.
  22. TrailFinder 6 LED Headlight.
  23. Garrity LED Aluminum Flashlight with Night Vision Lens.
  24. IR Portable Motion Detector with alarm.
  25. 2-IR Motion Detector with light.
  26. AudioVox 2-Way Radios.
  27. AcuRite Indoor/Outdoor Temperature and Humidity Wired Thermometer.
  28. Omega HH501AT Digital Thermometer.
  29. 4 IR surveillence cameras, DVR and monitor


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