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More EVP From The Incinerator

EVP From 8/2/2009

Investigator: "OK" (as she finished replacing a battery)
EVP #1: "Don't ya think?"
EVP #2: "This is where both were shot."


(Investigator #1 talking about another Investigator #2)
Investigator #1: "Doug has long hair"
Investigator #2: "and a goatee"
EVP(male voice): "and a goatee"
Investigator #1: "and a goatee"

Investigator #1: "Do you have your phone with you, no?"
Investigator #2: "Um, it's in the truck."
Investigator #3: "and mines back at your house."
Investigator #4: "I have mine."
Investigator #1: "You do? OK."
EVP (male voice): "At least somebody has one."
Investigator #2: "Question is, in the flashlight stream - is that....."
The strange thing about this EVP is that Investigator #1 was thinking "At least somebody has one" but never spoke it and never whispered it.


Investigator #1: "There's a dog barking in the background. I don't know if the recorders will pick it up but.."
EVP: "Ball"
This is puzzling to us - most of our EVPs make sense. We can't figure out why the word "ball" was spoken. Perhaps the dog had a ball?


EVP: "Chemistry."
Followed by invesitgators talking

Investigator #1: "We know you're there."
EVP: (whispered): "Three"
Investigator #1: "Let's just go with these three" (referring to screws on the back of a piece of equipment)
EVP: "Yah"

Investigator #1: "Why don't we do that" (referring to going outside of the oven room)
Investigator #2: "We got some EVP there last time - mocking, repeating."
Investigator #3: "mmm" (in agreement)
Investigator #1: "Outside, you mean?"
EVP: "Yaaaahh"
Investigator #2: "Yeh"
Investigator #1: "Nice"
Investigator #4: "Doug retreiving...."

You hear the investigators talking about a 5 degree drop in temperature.
Investigator #1: "Are you using the energy from the air, from the surrounding air, causing the temperature to decrease?"
EVP: "Not quite."


Investigator #1: "Boy, it's really wet in here, isn't it?"
EVP: "Yuk"

Investigator #1: "Water droppings."
Investigator #2: "Yeah"
Investigator #1: "Oh, there's a lot of calcium build-up up there."
Investigator #3: "Birds in the background."
EVP: "That's what hit her."
Investigator #2: (interrupts the EVP) "Look at those..."


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