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More EVP From The Incinerator


Investigator Jayne: "Can you say 'Hi'?"
EVP: "Hi"

Investigator Jayne: "Hey - We're back. Anyone here with us?"
EVP: "Yes"

Investigator Jayne: "So, I'd be embarassed" (chuckles)
Investigator Doug: "I am going to check the EMF in this room"
Investigator Jayne: "Alright"
Investigator Doug: "Probably won't get much but...."
EVP: "No laughing"

Investigator Jayne: "This is Nadine. Say 'Hi' to Nadine."
EVP: "Hi"

Investigator Jayne: "I'm going to say a word and you say the first thing that comes to your mind and you have to be really fast though."
EVP1: "OK"
EVP2: "OK"

Investigator Jayne: "Do you feel pain at all..ever?"
EVP (very soft): "Yes"

We are having trouble knowing for sure what this EVP is. I think I hear
"Thanks for the Ceclor"
This EVP came after I had asked if they ever feel pain. The response was "YES" followed by the above EVP.
Ceclor is a cephalosporin antbiotic used to treat infections.

Investigator Doug is explaining the different colored filters for the flashlight that Nadine is using.
Nadine says something like "Ain't this thing cool"
You then hear a male voice (EVP) repeat what she just said.

Investigator Jayne: "What do you guys do all day?"
EVP: "Nothing"


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